Expungement is a way to keep your record clean. When a criminal case is “expunged,” it means that the public record of the case disappears.

An expunged case won’t come up on the Court’s computer database, and no physical file will available at the courthouse.

Expungement is not available to everyone, or in all cases. Nor is it completely effective.  Some people (like the INS) don’t recognize expungement, and at other times (such as computing federal sentencing guidelines) an expunged case is treated like any other.

Expungement is also less effective in the age of internet, data mining, and cloud computing. Back in the day, when court cases were kept on paper files, expungement was more effective.

  • Three Types of Expungement

In DC Superior Court, there are 3 types of expungement – one just for marijuana case, a generalized expungement for many types of cases, and Youth Act, for those 22 years of age or younger.

“I need a security clearance for my job, and I need a past marijuana charge cleared from my record.”

Attorney Paul Zukerberg can help you restore your record.

Zukerberg Law Center, PLLC
Adams Morgan Business District
1790 Lanier Place, NW
Washington, DC 20009-2118

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