Microsoft’s #Marijuana #Cloud

Microsoft is entering the legal cannabis market. The maker of Xbox and Office has seen the light, or the smoke. The New York Times is reporting Microsoft’s new cloud software will help legal weed growers track “seed-to-sale,” a basis for inventory control, and a requirement for many state-licensed cannabis dispensaries, including Maryland.

While the Times notes surprise that Microsoft is the first corporate giant to publicly announce products for pot, fact is we’d all be using typewriters and correction fluid if it weren’t for Mary Jane. Virtually every big tech honcho admits to getting high, including Bill Gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of Apple. None of the big software/tech companies test their employees for weed. Rumor has it that if they did, no one could get hired, and those with jobs would quit.

Wake up DC, the marijuana money train is leaving the station. Among young Americans, between the ages of 18 and 30, polling shows 80% favor full legalization of pot. The demographic trend is unmistakable. Like gambling and other formerly illegal pastimes, those states which are first to legalize will reap the benefits. Also-rans lose out.

DC has been struggling to bring real development and good paying jobs to all District residents. It’s time to look to the nation’s fastest growing industry, cannabis.  Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. How stoned can he be?

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