Grandma Cooks with #Cannabis

I thought my grandma was the best cook in the world till I heard about 84 year-old Patsy Benson, who teaches medical marijuana patients how to cook with cannabis.

In her own series, “Baked,” Patsy and her assistant, Chef Ricky, create 5-star cannabis infused dishes that are sure to bring a smile.

In truth, any recipe which calls for butter, fats or oils can be infused with cannabis. Many medical marijuana patients prefer edibles  because there is no smoking involved and the THC dosing can be more accurately controlled.  If you smoke a joint, you don’t know how much THC you are consuming.  There are too many variables.  An edible with 10 milligrams of THC has 10 milligrams, if accurately tested and labeled.

But edibles are very different and lots of folks end up in the ER after consuming too much. Luckily, cannabis is non-toxic and you probably won’t die, but still…

Colorado has issued warnings for cannabis tourists who what to try edibles, which are sound advice to consumers everywhere:

1.Go low and slow. Start with a low dose of 10 milligrams and then wait for two hours. Unlike smoking, edibles take at least an hour to begin to take effect.

2.Do not mix with alcohol.

3.Eat a proper meal.

4.Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery

5.Remain calm.

Most importantly, if you are fortunate enough to have a grandmother, give her a call or stop by to tell her your care.

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