Terrance Gainer, Former #MPD & Capitol Police Chief, Provides Security for Legal Medical Cannabis Industry

My, my, my…the times do change. The former Deputy Chief of the DC Police Department, and later Chief of the Capitol Police, and Sargent of Arms for the US Senate, is now providing security for a proposed legal cannabis cultivation center in Hagerstown, Maryland, the Hagerstown Herald is reporting. http://www.heraldmailmedia.com/news/local/medical-marijuana-producer-planning-facility-in-hopewell-valley-park/article_0c30c5fd-e289-504a-9dc4-d9797bae5201.html

Gainer, who along with is former boss, Charles Ramsey, led the huge run-up in misdemeanor marijuana arrests in the District, before a voter-lead backlash led to Initiative 71 and legalization. With the tide turning nationwide toward legalizing marijuana, former drug warriors are looking to cash in on the back end of the marijuana wars.

Categories: Marijuana Laws

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