I’ll be guest lecturing this weekend on #Cannabis Law for @Oaksterdam University at #CapitalHilton workshop

Oaksterdam University, the leader in Cannabis industry training, will be holding a workshop this weekend at the Capital Hilton.  Paul has been invited to guest lecture on DC & Maryland medical and recreational marijuana law. The purpose of program is educational only. After hours reception at Ozio

Register here: http://oaksterdamuniversity.com/dcseminar/

Learn how to open or manage a dispensary, structure a legal cannabis entity, protect your legal rights under the district’s and other states’ laws, grow, vend, and more! Learn the skills needed for the cannabis industry and how to start, operate, and maintain your own Cannabusiness. 


– Politics & History of Cannabis
– Legal: Local, State & Federal
– Civics: Legal Rights & Responsibilities 
– Indoor Horticulture: Safely & Responsibly 
– Indoor Horticulture: Lab 
– Methods of Ingestion: Extracts 
– Methods of Ingestion: Cooking 
– Methods of Ingestion: Topical Applications 
– The Science of Cannabis 
– Economics & Opportunities in the Industry 
– AdvocacyOaksterdam PowerPoint.key-2

Categories: Marijuana Laws

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