#Marijuana: States “OK,” Feds “No Way”

Yesterday, the DC Council passed emergency legislation allowing DC licensed medical marijuana centers to now cultivate up to 1,000 plants. The former limit was 500.  The 1000 plant limit was necessary because the number of registered marijuana patients has increased rapidly.  Physicians are finding more uses for marijuana as a medicine, and DC licensed medical marijuana cultivators cannot not keep up.

Contrast the Council’s largess with the feds.  Under federal law, possession of 1000 or more marijuana plants is punishable with 10 years to life in prison,  and a mandatory 10 year minimum w/out parole.  Second or subsequent offenders are subject to a mandatory life sentence for 1000 or more plants. See 21 USC §§ 841(a) & (b)(1)(A).

With marijuana cases increasingly becoming the charge of choice for the feds, federal prosecutors and agents have become addicted to marijuana prosecutions. Marijuana means job security for DEA agents, federal prosecutors, and the prison industry. These stakeholders are unlikely to give up their livelihoods without a fight.


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