Age – Not Politics – Determines if You Support #Marijuana Law Reform

A recent Pew Research poll reveals that 63 percent of Republican millennials want weed to be legal. (via @AshAlman)  If you were born between 1981 and 1996, you’re probably chill, no matter what your politics. If you were born before that, and support legalization, you are simply ahead of your time.

Here in the heavily Democratic District of Columbia, we associate Republicans with cannabis obstructionists, like Andy Harris (R-Md) and Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah). It’s nice to know that they don’t speak for the young people of their districts, who overwhelmingly support our work to legalize weed in the capital.

Republican hard liners are finding it increasing difficult to win the support of others, on either side of the aisle. The success of Initiative 71 legalizing weed in the District has encouraged reformers around the nation. On Friday, bills were introduced in Illinois and Pennsylvania to legalize marijuana in these states.

One lucky eastern state is going to wake up to the realization that the first east coast state to tax and regulate marijuana stands to earn a financial bonanza (until its sister states catch on). Colorado is charging 25% sales tax on recreational marijuana and earned 76 million on weed sales in 2014.

That doesn’t include the revenue from 9,700 new jobs created, or the boost in tourism from those who want to score some weed legally before gazing on the Grand Canyon.

Stay tuned

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