Montgomery County Starts #Decrim Policies Early – D.C. US Attorney Prosecuting Every Last Case

It’s a tale of two jurisdictions as far as implementation of new marijuana decriminalization policies. The District of Columbia and the state of Maryland passed new laws within days of each other decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. But how they are handling cases until decriminalization officially kicks in is vastly different.

In Maryland, where decrim will officially take effect on October 1, 2014, the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s office is already allowing those charged with weed to pay a $100 fine and have their cases dismissed. In D.C., on the other hand, U.S. Attorney Ron Machen is prosecuting every last case until decrim passes passive Congressional review, in approximately mid-July 2014.


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  1. Paul thanks for the information. It is shameful that I was quoted $2500 by an attorney to represent me in a Montgomery county possession case when clearly he must have known about the $100 fine. Looks like he wanted a boat really bad.
    My question is that even if the case is dismissed is it eligible for expungment and how long will the process take?
    Good luck with your campaign!

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