DC Council fires back in Elected AG Lawsuit: As both a voter and a candidate, Zukerberg is “meaningless.”

In a rare showing of invective, the DC Council has filed an extraordinary Sur-Reply Brief in the elected attorney general lawsuit, ripping into Paul Zukerberg, who recently announced his candidacy to be DC’s first elected AG.

Today the DC Council filed a motion requesting permission to file a Sur-Reply brief – an additional reply – which are usually disfavored. Without waiting for permission from the Court, the Council filed anyway, using the opportunity to launch an unusual personal attack on the plaintiff.

In 2010, DC Voters amended the DC Charter to join 43 other states which elect their attorney general, beginning with 2014 elections.

After the DC Council voted 7-to- 6 to cancel the 2014 election for attorney general, Zukerberg sued, saying that the cancellation of the 2014 AG election violated his rights as both a voter and a candidate.

The Council claims anyway that the whole election is a figment of Zukerberg’s imagination:

“He can assume any role that he wishes in his imaginary Attorney General election of 2014, but… those roles are meaningless.”  said the Council’s Sur-Reply brief. Ouch.

A full copy of the briefs is available now on Pacer.  Hearing is tomorrow, Thursday, 10 a.m., at  federal court, 3rd and Constitution, NW, courtroom of Judge Jeb Boasberg, open to all.  Stay tuned.

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