Reed Smith lawyers enter on behalf Zukerberg in Elected Attorney General Fight

Gary S. Thompson, a partner in the Washington office of Reed Smith, has entered his appearance on behalf of Paul Zukerberg, who is suing to prevent the D.C. Board of Elections from postponing the 2014 election for D.C. attorney general.  Mr. Thompson practices complex commercial litigation at Reed Smith, and has won several awards for his extensive pro bono and community service.

If the court grants Zukerberg’s motion for a preliminary injunction, the Board of Elections will be prohibited from removing the office of elected attorney general from the 2014 D.C. ballot.

Without the injunction, voters would not be permitted to elect an attorney general before 2018, according to a new law passed by the D.C. Council, and approved without signature by Mayor Gray.

Zukerberg’s action was originally filed in D.C. Superior Court, then removed to federal court at the defendants’ request. Assistant Attorney Generals Keith Parson and Mathew Blecher have entered on behalf of the defendants – the D.C. Council and the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics.

The case has been assigned to judge James E. “Jeb” Boasberg, who has granted plaintiff’s request for an expedited schedule of briefs and argument. Defendants’ opposition to the preliminary injunction is due October 30. Mr. Zukerberg has until noon on November 4 for his reply brief. A hearing on the preliminary injunction is set for November 7, at 10 a.m. in Judge Boasberg’s courtroom. That is one day before the signature petition process begins for the April 1, 2014 Democratic primary election.

Stay tuned.

Reed Smith lawyer Gary S. Thompson

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