Zuk to Kojo: Tiny Tyrants on the DC Council Won’t Stop the 2014 AG Election

“We’re living in a world of tiny tyrants,” Paul Zukerberg told WAMU Politics Hour host Kojo Nnamdi, comparing the attempt of seven DC Council members to postpone the 2014 election for DC Attorney General, with the Tea Party’s shuttering of the federal government.  They may be tiny, but the problems they create sure aren’t.

In the case of the DC Council, voters in DC overwhelming approved a Charter Amendment in 2010 to create a new office of Elected Attorney, beginning with the 2014 election. A bare majority of the DC Council voted 7 to 6 to postpone that election indefinitely. No way says Zuk, who filed suit in DC Superior Court to force the Council to let the vote go forward. You can listen to Paul’s interview with Kojo and senior political affairs reporter Tom Sherwood here.

Zuk to Kojo: “Tiny Tyrants” can’t deny DC Voters their Right to Elect an Attorney GeneralZuk’s interview starts at 39:00. Hit “listen” tab.


Tiny Tyrants

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