DEA: “Kids need to know they are not taking ecstasy”

The U.S. DEA  announced a bust of an international Methylone ring – a stimulant often substituted for ecstasy on the street, and sold as “Molly” in clubs and at raves.

Preliminary reports are that the “Molly” implicated in the death of one of the two students who died at the Electric Zoo Festival in New York was not MDMA, but Methylone.

Brian Crowell, a DEA agent involved in the Rochester case, warned  that “Kids need to know they are not taking ecstasy. ”  And for once, I agree with the DEA.

Independent test results for 2013 from indicate that only 26.7% of club drugs sold as Molly contain actual contain MDMA, the acronym for genuine ecstasy. This is a steep drop from 1999, when data from show over half of all ecstasy sold was ecstasy.

So if you buy Molly, you have about a one-in-four chance of getting ecstasy.  24% of what is offered for sale are other stimulants, typically Methylone. Little is known about the toxicology of Methylone.

Indeed, the term “overdose” may be inaccurate, because with club drugs, users don’t know the substance, don’t know the dosage, and don’t know the lethal dosage – except by trial and error.

Even pure MDMA is not without risk. One of the two students who died last week in NYC, Olivia Rotondo, 20, died from acute intoxication from real pure ecstasy, according to toxicology reports at autopsy. (the second student Jeffrey Russ, 23, died of a fatal combination of MDMA and Methylone – a stimulant often used to cut MDMA or as a simple substitute.)

Robert Goldsmith, the father of the 19 year-old, UVA Honors student Shelly Goldsmith, who died after taking Molly at a DC nightclub last week, has decided to talk about his daughter’s death and her use of Molly.

Hopefully, his openness will start a discussion, keep the lines of communications open, and help prevent other young people from dying.  Stay tuned.molly ecstasy-capsules?

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