Dead Student’s Dad: “We need to talk about Molly”

Dance drug MDNA AKA _molly_ now linked to FOURTH overdose .jpg

Robert Goldsmith, the father of UVA Honors student Shelly Goldsmith, who died after taking Molly at a DC nightclub last week, made the tough decision to talk about it with the Washington Post.

Goldsmith told WaPo that he was at first unsure whether to publicize the fact that his daughter took Molly. But Mr. Goldsmith did speak out, to news reports by  and  at @WashingtonPost. Mr. Goldsmith said he hopes his decision to talk about club drugs will help educate others.

Police are now investigating whether the death of Shelley Goldsmith, 19,  is related to other deaths in Boston and New York of college students who recently ingested what they thought was Molly.

Testing on Molly capsules earlier this year from Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Miami and Boston found that what was sold as Molly did not contain MDMA at all, but methylone — an active ingredient in “bath salts.” Some capsules contained nothing more than caffeine.

Prayers to Robert Goldsmith and his family. Autopsies are underway for deceased students. #sad

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