“Molly” suspected in string of club deaths

Molly - suspected in club deathsA University of Virginia sophomore who died after collapsing at a District nightclub over the weekend took what she thought was a purified form of Ecstasy called Molly, according to news reports by and at @WashingtonPost.

Police in Boston and New York have linked three deaths to adulterated Molly since last week, according to law enforcement officials familiar with the cases. However, testing on Molly capsules this year from Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Miami and Boston found that what was sold as Molly did not contain MDMA at all, but methylone — an active ingredient in “bath salts.” Some capsules contained nothing more than caffeine. In the past, if you ordered up Molly, you got ecstasy. That’s no longer true.

The bottom line is that club drugs, sold on the underground market, and produced in primitive labs in China or elsewhere, could contain anything. Autopsies are planned for the deceased students. #sad

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  1. When will people learn to test their drugs? There are plenty of relatively cheap test kits on the market which could help save the lives of inexperienced club goers. Always always, ALWAYS, test your stuff, even if you’re getting it from a friend. Dance Safe everyone

  2. It’s hard to trust the credibility in this story with so many typos. Please edit your copy before submitting it to the world.

  3. It’s hard to trust the credibility of this article with so many typos, and for such a heavy issue I would think that the author would double check their copy before submitting it to the world.

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