Does Gupta’s weed epiphany signal a change in administration policy on pot?

Sanjay Gupta, the CNN neurosurgeon with movie star looks, announced his come to jesus moment on marijuana today.  Gupta apologized to the nation today for his earlier position against medical marijuana, claiming he was duped by the DEA. That’s OK Sanjay. Roll one up and all is forgiven.

But does Gupta’s change of heart signal a change in policy at the White House?  Gupta was President Obama’s first choice for Surgeon General back in 2009.  His nomination was nixed, for reasons never fully disclosed. Was Gupta waylaid in 2009 because he was about to blow the whistle on the DEA’s junk science on marijuana?  Is his current media campaign, including his new film on weed, a trial balloon for a White House push on decriminalization?

Coincidently or not, Gupta’s epiphany was on the same day as Eric Holder lunched a press campaign against federal mandatory minimum sentencing. Almost one-half of all federal prisoners are now in non-violent drug offenses, including marijuana.  Holder bemoaned the costs of incarceration of non-violent offenders, appealing to bread and butter voters tired of financing a “war” on weed.

Meanwhile, Maryland federal prosecutors announced today that they had tracked down their two most wanted fugitives after an international man-hunt.  Terrorists?  No, husband and wife non-violent marijuana farmers.  Phew. Now I can sleep.

Stay tuned.

sanjay gupta apologizes

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