A misguided attempt to bounce Paul Zukerberg from the April 23 ballot for DC Council failed today, as the DC Board of Elections ruled that Paul had 3,000 valid petition signatures.

Elissa Silverman, another candidate for Council, knowingly used flawed voter address data to remove Zukerberg and another candidate, John Settles. Zukerberg, a trial lawyer with 28 years of experience, discovered the voter address problem in time, and remains on the ballot. Settles was bounced when he couldn’t prove that DC voter addresses were flawed.

Silverman is aware of the voter database error through her work on the failed ballot Initiative 70, which would have banned corporate contributions to political campaigns. Silverman was so concerned about Board of Elections database errors that she joined other activists in filing a law suit against the Board.

In that suit, which is still pending, Silverman alleged that the Board of Elections should be enjoined from using flawed data to reject petitions. Nevertheless, Silverman used the same flawed data to try to bump Zukerberg off the ballot.

Instead, Zukerberg proved that it was the Board of Elections that had the voter addresses all wrong. BOE failed to update it’s database with the Postal Service change-of-address database, as required by DC law. When Zukerberg had a private vendor compare DC’s voter list with the Postal Service, 63,431 voters were shown to have mismatched addresses do to BOE’s database errors.

Stay tuned

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