A Recent poll by conducted for the Huffington Post finds that a majority of Americans feel the federal government should not enforce marijuana laws in states which have legalized pot for recreational use.

Nate Silver of the New York Times explains that the “hands off of state” policy is supported by traditional liberals, but also conservatives who believe strongly in state’s rights.

Support for legalizing marijuana has been rising steadily in public opinion polls. Recent ballot initiatives legalizing weed for recreational uses in Colorado and Washington State passed easily this November.

The new polling research points to even greater support for decriminalization, with the addition of traditionalists, who believe strongly that marijuana policy should be left to the states.

Where does that leave DC? Nowhere, as usual. DC isn’t a state, doesn’t have state’s rights, nor a vote in Congress. Among major cities, DC is dead last in marijuana reform. In New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver, LA – possession of pot is no longer a criminal offense.

In DC, possession of even a marijuana roach (the law says “any useable amount”) can land you in jail for up to six months, get you fired from your job, expelled from school, denied a student loan or deported.

Your vehicle and money can be seized and you should plan on some serious legal bills. Is it any wonder that a majority of Americans report opposing federal enforcement of marijuana laws in states where the people have voted otherwise.

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