The District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has resumed breath testing for alcohol when DWI or OWI is suspected.

The new testing machine is the Intoximeter EC/IR II (currently used in Fairfax County and elsewhere). New machines are at the 3rd and 7th MPD District Station Houses, and in the Mobile Alcohol Testing Van.

MPD officers have supposedly received new training on the equipment, and must be re-certified every two years. Urine is still being collected, if the arresting officer suspects drug use, or if the EC/IR II measures zero, and that result appears inconsistent with the observed level of impairment, after field sobriety testing.

Whether the new Intoxilizer results will be any more accurate than the prior, discredited testing results remains to be seen. The fight to preserve the rights of persons accused of crimes in DC, Maryland and Virginia goes on. Stay tuned.

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