In a new escalation in the war on marijuana users, the United States Park Police is using military aviator night vision goggles to catch people who smoke pot in national parks.

After 9-11, the U.S. Park Police convinced Congress that they needed to beef up their anti-terrorism capabilities. One new toy was aviator night vision goggles. Helicopter pilots use them to maneuver at night. They are so high-tech, it’s illegal to sell them to foreign countries. The Park Police said they needed them to hunt terrorists at night. Well, they haven’t caught any terrorists, so they now use them to hunt marijuana smokers.

In Washington, DC, the Park Police has equipped a squad of plain clothes officers who patrol the parks at night using night vision goggles. They target places where young people are known to hang out. Some officers scan the area looking for people who are passing a joint, while others in the arrest team (dressed as tourists) make the nab.

Of course, in D.C., possession of even a roach is a criminal offense, so expect a trip to the police station and probably a criminal record.

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