Almost everyone charged in D.C. Superior Court is required to submit a urine sample to test for drug use. If you’re negative, it’s one-n-done. Your drug testing is over. Here’s what you need to know to pass the test.

First, Superior Court does not test for marijuana or alcohol. Marijuana was dropped from the testing program in January 2012, for financial reasons. Superior Court does test for amphetamines, opiates (heroin, oxycodone), barbiturates, cocaine (crack and power), and PCP.

Second, prescription medications sometimes cause a false positive. If you are using a prescription medication, you should provide your lawyer with a copy of your prescription.

Third, over-the-counter medication, including sinus and allergy medications, can also cause false negatives. Don’t use these products for 48 hours prior to your court case.

Fourth, don’t use any unusual health food products, anything you bought at GNC, or muscle-building products, or even eat poppy seeds – all could lead to false positives.

Finally, Superior Court tests for “water loading” – an attempt to fool the testers by diluting your urine with water. A “water load” is considered a positive test. Don’t drink more than 8 ounces of any fluid – water, coffee, soda – on the day of your testing.

What if you flunk your first test? No problem, but you will have to continue to test until you get 3 consecutive negative tests. If you can’t do it by yourself, Pretrial Services will place you into a drug treatment program.

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