DC Superior Court does not urine screen for marijuana any longer, but does screen for amphetamines, opiates, PCP and barbiturates. So while the joint you smoked probably won’t spoil your drug test, your prescription medication might – if you don’t supply the right medical records.

If you are appearing in Superior Court, and do take medication prescribed by a physician, you must bring the prescription bottle, script, or appropriate medical record with you to the urine testing center. An appropriate note will be added to your chart to prevent a false positive.

Certain non-prescription medications, including over-the-counter cold and sinus products, dietary supplements, and muscle builders can also lead to false positives. It’s best to avoid these in the 24 yours prior to your court appearance. Ditto for any health store supplements.

Finally, the court continues to test for “water loading” – the attempt to mask a potentially positive drug test result by drinking too much water before your test. Water loading counts as a positive drug test.

For lock-ups and citation cases (people who are arrested and released from the police station), drug testing in Superior Court is now “one-n-done.”  If you test negative the first time around, you will not have to test again.  If you test positive, your drug testing will continue, and you will be screened for a treatment program as necessary.


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