On August 2, 2012, a unanimous U.S. Senate confirmed Judge Kimberley Knowles as an Associate Judge of the D.C. Superior Court. The senate failed to take up a second pending nomination of Rainey Brandt.

Senate sources are reporting that Brandt’s nomination will be addressed after the summer congressional recess.

Knowles, a well-respected Superior Court magistrate judge, has wide experience in family and domestic law, and was a highly regarded magistrate judge. How she will rule in cases involving marijuana and other controlled substances has yet to be seen. Formerly, Knowles was an assistant at the U.S. Attorney’s office, assigned to the sex crimes unit. Judge Knowles is expected to begin her 15 year term in September.

Brandt’s nomination has been pending before the Senate since March. Her background as special counsel to Superior Court Chief Judge Lee Satterfield and as a respected professor at American University should make her a promising addition to the Court.

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