New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has agreed to support a proposal by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to reduce the penalty for possession of small quantities of marijuana from a criminal conviction to civil fine of $100.

Also signing on to the deal is New York’s top prosecutor. Opposed are the usual suspects, Republican legislators. Senate Majority leader Dean G. Skelos (R-Nassau) fears that people would “just walk around with 10 joints in each ear.”

Skelos is best known for using $1 million dollars in taxpayer money to build a sports complex in his hometown which he named after himself- the Dean G. Skelos Sports Complex in Rockville.

How does this guy keep getting reelected? Some old plan – tax cuts for the wealthy and tough on crime, including marijuana users.

With New York soon to join the 14 other states where marijuana is decriminalized, what about DC?

Unfortunately, our political leaders are too busy trying to stay out of jail for stealing money to worry about the people in jail for marijuana possession.

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