In a case of first impression, police in Connecticut pulled a motorist over when a radioactivity scanner flagged his car. The driver had recently been given a cardiac exam where the doctors used radioactive dye.  Didn’t know police even check for that? Welcome to the post-9-11 world. Millions have been spent upgrading police surveillance equipment, but so far, the results have been limited.

In D.C., tons of money have been spent on new equipment, most of it never used, or used for purposes other than terrorism prevention. Here in Washington, DC, the U.S. Park Police use their new high-tech surveillance equipment to monitor the 4th of July Hemp festival and hunt down pot smokers.

Terrorism prevention is a vitally important mission, but for the cop on the beat, leads to few if any arrests. So the their new anti-terrorism toys are often used for other purposes, such as tracking down and arresting marijuana users.

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