After spending millions to prosecute former Baseball star Roger Clemens (twice) for alleged perjury in his testimony before Congress, the government’s star witness, Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte, testified today that he’s not sure what Clemens told him his used HGH in 1999.

Pettitte testified today that he was “50 percent sure” he had misunderstood what Clemens said. Great. So here we are in 2012 spending millions on a trial about what Clemens may have told Pettitte 13 years ago about in a locker room – something that Pettitte himself admits there’s a good chance he misunderstood.

By the way, Pettitte testified that he had used Humane Growth Hormone (H.G.H.) himself, in 2002, to help him recover from an injury. Amazing.

HGH is a synthetic version of the natural growth hormone we all produce. When our bodies don’t produce enough, the result can be unusually short statute. Many people, including athletes have been treated with HGH, the most famous is Lionel Messi, the world’s best soccer player.

Some athletes, like Pettitte (and maybe Clemens) tried HGH injections to help them recovery from injuries or surgery. But HGH therapy takes a long time, and there is no evidence that it does speed surgical recovery or athletic prowess.

Like marijuana, however, HGH is banned, and unauthorized users have become a target of the DEA and Justice Department.

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