The Washington Post is reporting what criminal defense lawyers have known for some time – cops have arrest quotas to make.

Arlington Virginia’s top cop, Chief M. Douglas Scott, has admitted that his department has issued internal memos which direct cops to make a minimum number of arrests each month. Arlington is not alone. Cops in DC and Maryland, both state and federal, have their performance evaluated on number of arrests.

And where do these cops get their arrests? How are they able to make their numbers every month? Well, violent crime is down over 50% since it peaked in the 1990’s. That leaves DUI and marijuana as the go-to sources of arrests.

Most veteran cops have their spots selected for easy arrests. It may be the parking lot of bar at closing, or a favorite speed trap. DUI roadblocks always score some hits.

The scenic Potomac overlooks on the George Washington Parkway are like fishing in a barrel for U.S. Park Police. Seems like motorists like to smoke some pot and enjoy the view – that is until they end up in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.

Marijuana is the go-to crime for cops seeking to make their numbers because of its tell-tale smell. Burnt or raw, the smell of marijuana can give a cop probable cause to search, with an arrest as the likely result.

While marijuana arrests allow cops to keep their jobs (along with prosecutors, probation officers, prison guards and defense lawyers) those arrested often lose their job, scholarship, and even citizenship.

What would happen if possession of marijuana was decriminalized? It has been in Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and 12 other states. There, instead of a criminal arrest, possession of marijuana is treated as a civil infraction. Great idea, but how can the cops make their numbers?

Well, in Massachusetts, for example, possession of marijuana is a civil infraction carrying a $2,000 fine. Sounds like a great addition to the quota system. But this time, instead of wasting tax payer dollars arresting and criminally charging marijuana smokers, the quota can be used to raise some needed revenue at $2K a pop.

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  1. END MARIJUANA PROHIBITIONAmericans need to achieve the reepal of marijuana prohibition so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to penalty. Over 25% of the worlds prisoners are in American jails.. and they are Americans.America needs to use the marijuana plant/ cannabis plant to produce hemp foods, hemp products , hemp paper, hemp textiles, hemp oil, medicine and many other useful products that are vital to our economic recovery. What are we waiting for??? Stop the drug wars put the criminals out of business.The drinking of alcohol is accepted.. and not all adults are irresponsible drinkers just like all drug users are not drug abusers. MARIJAUNA is harmless for the majority of the popultation. those that shouldn’t use are just like the people who abuse alcohol. And it is a proven fact that alcohol is way more dangerous. There is ZERO yes 0 deaths from marijuana . that doesn’t not include the ohter drugs that are taken with marijuana, deaths happening because the governemnt doesn’t regulate and END the PROHIBION. Alcohol has 1.8 million deaths per year, cigeretters..4,9 million deaths and 3.5 million deaths from pharmaceuticals ( that includes over the counter drugs) AND THEy ARE ALL LEGAL.. where is the sense in that. the illegal drug marijauna doesn’t cause ONE death.. so it is safer than the legal drugs but yet its outlawed.The laws need to be changes, PROHIBION LIFTED and marijuana should be used for the beneficial drug that it is. It is a treatment for an unbelievable amount of ailments, whether it is sold across the counter or with a doctors prescription.. And lets not forget all the other benefits from cannabis . fuel, oil, food, textiles, paper, face cream, shampoo, conditioner, make-up.. bedding and food for animals, the list is endless.Please read up about marijuana and its benefits.The Marijuana Prohibition was started because the Alcohol Prohibition was’t working, something had to be done with all the people and departments but like the alcohol prohibition didn’t work and was reepaled after 7 years isn’t it time for Americans should realize Marijauna prohibion IS NOT working too? End the war on the American people.. put the money spent on the war into rehab for those that really do need it, education, lets keep our teachers, smaller classes, the economy farmers would have a substainable crop that is actually good for the soil putting nutrients back into it. Jobs created by making hemp products . read about it for yourself educate, talk to representatives, let them know what you want then vote for the best candidate. I persoanlly wish we would have more candidates like Jay Selthofner, he’s running for state assembly, district 41 in Wisconsin. check him out too. I have lived my entire life under this prohibition and I DO NOT want my kids, grandkids and great grandkids living with the war on the American people. Time for it to stop.. JUST SAY NOW.. to end the war on drugs ( the American people). The War on Drugs is destroying families. We deserve the freedom of choice just ask a Vet. God Bless , Peace

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