NBC News is reporting that U.S. Marshals, along with agents from the IRS and DEA, swarmed the offices of Oaksterdam University this morning, closing the Oakland California university, which trains graduates to work in the medical marijuana industry. With Medical Marijuana now legal in 16 states and the District of Columbia, the industry has a need for qualified employees. The feds have a different idea.

Medical marijuana patients are not a politically correct group to harass and arrest. We’re talking about women on Chemo with nausea, HIV/AID sufferers trying to stimulate appetite, MS patients, glaucoma and the other serious diseases which qualify someone for medical marijuana.

Busting seriously ill patients looks bad. For many patients, marijuana is an alternative to more powerful and addicting pain pills, sleeping pills or tranquilizers.

So the feds have decided it’s better to go after the employees serving the medical marijuana industries.

In Maryland, the U.S. Attorney has warned Governor Martin O’Malley that state workers who participated in state approved medical marijuana distribution would be arrested. O’Malley backed down. He now says he will veto any medical marijuana bill reaching his desk.

What is equally troubling is the resources the feds are putting into harassing these would-be medical marijuana students. Aren’t there better uses of the U.S. Marshals, the IRS and the DEA than this raid?

The Marshals are tasked with tracking down the most wanted violent killers and terrorists. The IRS could find lots to do on Wall Street. The DEA could focus on Crystal Meth and PCP – truly dangerous drugs making comebacks in many communities.

But tracking down violent fugitives or busting international hard drug rings is work. It’s so much easier to send all available agents to a university or licensed cultivation center to bust some unemployed, unarmed students.

How this bodes for D.C.’s newly licensed medical marijuana cultivation centers remains to be seen. Will any be able to stand up to the combined forces of the Marshal Service, the DEA and the IRS? Stay tuned.

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  1. I am disgusted with the lies Obama told the medical canabis community in 2008 to assure our vote. He said he would not have the dea raid collectives. He said he was o.k. with patients having access to their meds. Now that he needs to appear more conservative he throws us by the wayside. Well he won’t be getting my vote.



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