In a bitter blow to those suffering from cancer, AIDS, MS and other terrible diseases, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley vowed today to veto any medical marijuana bill that lands on his desk.  His decision will once again kill any effort to provide medical marijuana to seriously ill patients in Maryland.

The alternative medical marijuana bills being debated in Annapolis now don’t matter, because O’Malley promises to veto any version which passes the legislature. Great.

O’Malley and his health secretary, Joshua M. Sharfstein, have managed to kill medical marijuana bills in the past, and promise to continue their opposition. The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Sharfstein is now even opposing a version a proposed plan he had previously endorsed.

O’Malley and Sharfstein are being pressured by the feds, who have told other governors that state employees could be arrested for violating the federal controlled substances act if they help seriously ill patients get medical marijuana.

Neither O’Malley nor Sharfstein have the courage to stand up to the feds. They would rather let seriously ill Marylanders suffer than risk a confrontation.

They are not alone. In Delaware, Gov. Jack Markell halted implementation medical marijuana program after the U.S. Attorney said he would arrest any state worker providing marijuana to cancer patients.

I wonder what would happen if one of these governors had the courage to stand up to the feds, and just say no to federal interference with state decisions, and a patient’s right to manage his own treatment?

Maybe one day a governor will walk into a cancer ward, or AIDS clinic, and deliver a marijuana prescription to woman puking after chemo, or a man wasting away with AIDS.

That’s probably the only way medical marijuana will ever come to Maryland – by someone in office showing some courage, and some compassion. Apparently, it won’t be O’Malley.

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