The short answer is no, not in DC, Maryland or Virginia.Possession of marijuana for medical treatment is not a recognized legal defense in D.C., Maryland or Virginia. Nor will your California or Colorado medical marijuana prescription be recognized here. The District is furthest along, and is in the process of joining 13 states which have already successfully decriminalized possession of cannabis for medical treatment.

However, even in states where medical marijuana is decriminalized under state law, the federal government can (and does) prosecute under federal law. The feds still ¬†classified¬†marijuana as a “Schedule 1” drug, meaning that under federal law there is “no currently accepted medical use” for pot.

Nevertheless, reasonable prosecutors have been willing to review medical marijuana claims on a case-by-case basis. Often this involves presenting evidence of a genuine need for treatment of a serious medical condition.

Despite the current state of the law, the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of many serious diseases has been well-established in peer reviewed medical journals. Often marijuana is used as a substitute for more powerful and addicting opiate based drugs.

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