“Last year, 847,000 Americans were arrested for marijuana.  That’s more than the total number of arrests for all violent crimes combined — including murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

As a nation, we spend an estimated 10 billion dollars a year on marijuana prosecutions, money so desperately needed elsewhere.

A marijuana conviction can mean a fine or imprisonment, job loss, loss of driver’s license, expulsion from school, loss of security clearance, and denial of student loans.

Paul has worked for many years for the removal of all penalties for the private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults. Although strides have been made, in most of the nation, including the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, possession of marijuana is still a crime, and many fine people have their lives turned upside down by a marijuana arrest.

If you or someone you are close to has been arrested or charged with marijuana possession, or other drug offenses, I am sorry that this has happened to you.

The good news is that I have successfully represented many, many people in the same situation as you.

I personally meet with every client I accept, and personally participate in every case, no matter how small, or how big. Together we will evaluate the evidence against you, the police and laboratory procedures used, and the strength of the government’s case.”

-Paul Zukerberg, Esq.

Attorney Paul H. Zukerberg is a lawyer with more than 25 years of criminal defense experience. Paul has tried over 250 cases to verdict, winning lots of “not guilty” verdicts for his clients. Clients love Paul’s down-to-earth attitude. Paul is licensed in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. He received his JD from the American University’s Washington College of Law, and his BA from Hamilton College.  Paul lives with his wife and family in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. 

For more information on Paul’s practice, his blogs: http://www.dcmarijuanalawyer.com.   Or for Maryland, MDMarijuanalaw.com

For medical cases or to learn about Paul’s work on behalf of clients with traumatic brain injury, visit http://www.zukerberg.com

To contact Paul directly, call: (202) 232-6400 or email him at zuklaw@me.com

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